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Jessica AgudeloBuilding the Power of Us

Jessica Agudelo

Life is about story telling…. Through storytelling, we are encouraged to think about how we can be more proactive in building resilience, look after our own Well-being, and support others do the same. Utilising knowledge to design and deliver programmes that create a shift towards positive diversity, inclusion and mental health, Jessica Agudelo offers well-being consultancy and a range of training in mental health.   Aiming to raise mental health literacy and provide platforms for communities to share their stories and cultural approaches  for promoting wellbeing. Delivering training to UK and Global audiences in English and Spanish.


A compassionate leader. Born in London of Colombian heritage, my path has been bumpy but I am grateful to be part of a community from a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences.


My career started in London. My first role was in criminal justice, working with adults from minority backgrounds with mental ill health. The role was in Community Development which formed part of a national programme called Delivering Race Equality in Mental Health, designed to bring race equality to the mental health system. During an amazing five years working as part of the programme, I met a number of key professionals, ambassadors and colleagues, who I now consider great friends.  Through these special connections and my commitment to making a change, I went on to work in service development, and as a mental health trainer.


I am passionate about listening to communities. Exploring mental health and well-being more deeply to help people become more empowered to handle change in all areas of life.


  • Ambassador for Mental Health & Programme Director
  • National Trainer at Mental health First (MHFA) England
  • Associate Trainer for the City Mental Health Alliance (CMHA)


  • Head of Member Experience & Communities, MHFA England
  • Service Development Manager, Certitude
  • Wellbeing Consultant, Dugotex Ltd
  • Lecturer & Student Support Services Manager, St Thomas University

Collaborated with

City Mental Health Alliance
Association of Mental Health Alliance
Lambeth Living Well Network
Thrive London
Wine & Spirit Education Trust

Qualifications & Training

MSc Health Psychology

BSc Psychology

PGDip Competency Training & Evaluation in Higher Education

Mental Health First Aid Instructor Training

Professional Accomplishments

  • Developed and rolled out Building the Power of Us Programme to communities disproportionately affected by Covid-19.
  • National roll out of Youth Mental Health First Aid training to all state secondary schools in England under the auspices of the Department of Health & Social Care
  • Developed Connect & Do, a community and online network bringing people together through shared interests.
  • A crisis support helpline called Solidarity in a Crisis,  co-produced and delivered by people with lived experience of mental ill health.
  • Publication – Design and validation of a crisis intervention guide for students in a university context. Rendon, M.I., & Agudelo, J. 2011.
  • Designed and delivered the first Community Development Project in the Criminal Justice System under the auspices of Delivering Race Equality in Mental Health
Programmes, Training & Services

Meeting the unique need of the organisation or group by refining programmes to bring in specific expertise in response to issues and opportunities that arise within each group.

Service or project design, planning and implementation.

Training designed to be delivered virtually or face-to-face.

Learning takes place through co-production and a mix of presentations, group activities and conversations that are engaging, interactive and stimulating.


Building the Power of Us

Stories create magic and the opportunity for people to come together, unlock resources and strengthen communities. Without trusted connections, people are more vulnerable to feeling hopelessness and helplessness, uncertain when and where to reach out for support.

Building the Power of Us was developed to address the emotional support required by individuals, communities and workplaces during transition and change. 

The programme provides a unique way of increasing awareness about mental health and wellbeing whilst developing people’s narratives and confidence around their mental health.  Through storytelling, people are encouraged to think about how they can be more proactive in building their resilience, look after their wellbeing and support others do the same.

A six week programme consisting of 6 x 90 minute sessions.  Maximum 10 participants per cohort

Session Outline

Session 1:  

Introduction to Mental Health & Wellbeing Conversations 

Session 2:  

Developing Self-Awareness Skills & the Power of Insight

Session 3:  

Vulnerable Leadership & The Power of Self-Compassion

Session 4:  

Our Sense of Purpose & Gratitude

Session 5:  

The Power of Identity, Belonging & Culture

Session 6:  

Celebrating our stories and the power of continued peer support

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training

Courses are accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health. Everyone who completes the courses receives a certificate of attendance, a training manual and workbook, including a helpful toolkit to support their own mental health and wellbeing.

Adult and Youth MHFA Two-Day:

• Accredited 2-day course.
• Available face to face, or as a flexible online delivery for a minimum of 8 -16 participants.
• Learners will gain the skills to become Mental Health First Aiders. Empowering them to notice the signs of mental ill health and gain the practical skills they need to support their own and other’s wellbeing. 

Mental Health Aware:

• Accredited four-hour course. • Available face to face or online for a minimum of 8-25 participants.
•Learners will gain an understanding of mental health and stigma; and the common risk factors that affect wellbeing. Including an introduction of how to maintain positive wellbeing and the key stages to having a mental health conversation. 

Race & Mental Health Training

Mental Health & Race for Workplaces and Communities

  • 3-hour course. Available face to face or as an online delivery for a maximum of 16 participants.
  • Suitable for D&I leads, Mental Health Champions, line managers and operational leads

The feeling of being together and not alone can help us open up with each other to increase race confidence and increase the accountability of individuals and workplaces to be proactively anti-racist.

This course aims to build awareness and understanding of the disparities experienced by people of Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds; and the intersectionality of race, racism and mental health so we can help reduce the barriers to taking action with anti-racism at work and in our communities.

Social Justice & Compassionate Dialogue (in development)

  • 1.5-hours course for the general public
  • Maximum 16 delegates